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Tax Advice for People Leaving Australia Permanently

Planning to leave Australia permanently? Now that you are all set to go back, you must take care of all the tax issues before you jump on board. In this article, we have piled up few important pieces of advice for you to follow and keep in mind before you leave Australia permanently.

File Tax Returns


If you had worked during your stay in Australia, you should file a tax return. You will need to do this after 30 June, as the income year starts from 1st July and ends on 30 June. If you are planning on leaving Australia before 30th June, then you can also file your tax returns online from anywhere in the world. Alternately, those leaving Australia permanently before 30 June, may also be eligible to file their Australian tax return early, but it is only acceptable before the end of the income year. You can also get help from registered tax accountants hobart to prepare and file your tax return.

Hire a Lawyer

Taxation is one of the most complex laws in Australia. Sorting out your Super and taxes can be really bothersome, and a nightmare at times. It is advisable to enlist legal aid from an expert such as a tax lawyer or advisor who knows how to tackle any tax related issues and is familiar with the process for tax audits. These lawyers provide top-level tax advice and help you with lengthy and complex tax procedures. They can also help you avoid tax liabilities and maximize any tax refund you are entitled to.

Claim Your Superannuation

All the time you spent in Australia working in any capacity, you were entitled to Superannuation (or Super, for short), which is the money put aside for your retirement by your employer. You can also contribute to your Super it voluntarily as well. Even if you are not staying in Australia till retirement, you are entitled to claim your Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP). You are only eligible to claim this when either your visa expires, or you have departed from Australia. You can cancel your visa to speed up the refund process.

Claim GST and WET

You might also be able to get a refund of GST (Goods and Services Tax) and WET (Wine Equalization Tax), at the airport when you are about to leave Australia permanently so be sure to check with the concerned authorities about that.

Medicare Levy Exemption

Medicare Levy is a universal scheme partly funded by taxpayers, as they pay a levy out of their taxable income. This assures people access to little or no cost of medical and health care. Some foreign citizens are not liable to pay, yet it is subtracted from their wages. They can apply for an exemption of Medicare levy which will maximize their refund. The procedure is a couple of weeks long, but it is worth the refund.

How to hire a Security Guard

Are you looking for security guard companies in Sydney? Do you want to hire a security guard but aren’t too sure about how to go about hiring the right one. Well, keeping the following tips in mind can help you find a security guard with ease. Just read through the qualities you should look for when hiring a security guard.

A security guard is responsible for preventing crimes from occurring, keeping a building safe and handling any sort of emergency situation which would arise in the building. On the other hand if you hire a security guard you can ensure that all those who reside or work in the building have a peaceful sense of security.

There are quite a few reasons why you should hire a security guard in Sydney. Some of these include building up a feeling of trust and safety amongst those who work or live in the building. It helps boost employee morale knowing they are taken care of. A security guard is a deterrent for those who plan on vandalising or harming your property as well. It sends out a clear message that you are serious about protecting your business and all those who work for you.

A security guard can do all of the following:

  • Carry out a scheduled or random petrol on the premises to check out for anything uncanny or simply to observe that everything is routine and nothing is out of order. A security guard is always on the lookout for any sort of trouble or disruptions
  • A security guard is alert at all times. They check the premises for any sort of disturbance and can handle emergency situations when the need arises. Also they keep guard on who can and can’t enter the building.
  • They can also detain suspects and also get hold of eye witnesses and relay all this information to the police.

Things to keep in mind when hiring a security guard

When hiring a security guard make sure to check for all of the following

  • The security guard should own a security guard license
  • Make sure to have a full background check run on the individual who you are about to hire. Also the security guard companies in Sydney make sure all their employees have a good record with no criminal issues
  • They should have certifications in CPR and first aid administration.
  • Also they should be quick and agile and should have experience in handling all sorts of emergency situation. Plus they should be able to lift heavy weights.
  • A good security guard has the necessary confidence and the ability to remain calm under pressure.

As an employer who is about to hire a security guard, make sure you check for all the above mentioned traits when interviewing candidates for security personal jobs. Also don’t forget to mention in detail the responsibilities and a list of duties you expect from the security guard. Always rely on a security guard company which is well reputed and has good reviews.

How to Market Your Technology

What can you get from a digital marketing agency?

Digital marketing broadly refers to many aspects of promoting your business on the internet. And when it comes to digital marketing, you should always try and find experts to help you out. One such company that can help you out with web marketing is a digital agency. If you hire a digital agency to assist you with the web marketing of your business, then you can see a big boost to your business. And if you are wondering exactly what kinds of services that they can provide you with, then here is what you can get from a digital marketing agency.

Website Optimisation

Your website’s design, performance, and many other aspects can be optimised. With the help of a digital marketing agency, you would know exactly what to improve about your website to increase the amount of web traffic that it receives. You can even add certain kinds of features to your website since these digital agencies can do website development too.

SEO Services

One of the main services that a digital agency can provide you with is to help you with your website’s search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is incredibly important in this digital age. The search page ranking of your website can have a big impact on whether or not your website gets a lot of visitors. If you want more customers who know about your products and services, then you also need to try and improve the SEO of your website. And you can do just that with the help of a digital agency.

Web Marketing Strategies

These digital agencies can also advise you on the best web marketing strategies that you can use. You should be able to choose which sorts of strategies would work best for your business based on the advice given by the digital marketing agency that you are working with.

Social Media Management

Managing your business’s social media is something that should be done properly. After all, your social media is the face of your business on the web. And a digital agency can assist you in managing your social media, to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward when interacting with customers online.

Digital Branding

Developing your business’s online brand is incredibly crucial. If you want to extend your company’s longevity, then you need to work on creating a brand that appeals to your target market. And a digital agency can point you in the right direction in which to take your branding.

You can get these sorts of services and more if you work with the right digital agency on the gold coast. So be sure to find a company that you can work with if you want to improve the web marketing of your business. You should be able to increase the exposure of your business and thus get more customers thanks to digital marketing. And you can get those sorts of results with the services that are provided by a digital marketing agency. What these agencies can provide you ith can prove to be quite invaluable for your business!

Family and Patents for New Technologies

Are you looking for a family lawyer in Maryborough? Family issues can take their toll on just about anyone. Imagine having to lay out the whole emotional baggage in front of a virtually unknown person. However, it’s necessary that you lay out all the details for your family lawyers to help you get through all the legal proceedings. This is why it’s important to choose someone who can assure you of complete confidentiality and understanding.  Make sure you keep the following things in mind.

Choose someone who specialises in family law

There are a number of law firms which claim that they can handle any and all sorts of cases. From patent law to criminal law and are also specialised family lawyers located in Hervey Bay and Maryborough on the Fraser Coast in Queensland.everything in between. It would however be smarter to choose someone who actually specializes in family law. This is because there are new rulings and laws which may be introduced on a continuous basis and someone who specializes in family law could be the only one aware of all this. Consider going to a general physician for a heart surgery? Sounds strange doesn’t it? The same applies for someone who goes to just about any attorney with their family case.

Don’t always go for the bigger firms

If budget is an issue you would be better off hiring a smaller firm to handle your case. Bigger firms have billable hours which the associates have to fill in no matter what. This can actually keep the cost up. Whereas an attorney who works on their own or on a smaller scale may be more flexible with the billing and even work on a fixed price project. Also it doesn’t mean that only a bigger firm would be able to help you. You could receive the same advice and help from a smaller firm as well.

Check their disciplinary record

The record of each attorney with the state bar is general information and accessible to the local public as well. So make sure before you hire an attorney you check out their records as well.

Experience counts

There are several lawyers who open up their own practice as soon as they graduate or just a few years after working at bigger law firms. You have got to keep in mind that experience counts a great deal more. Going with someone who has the right kind of experience in dealing with family law, it is important that they have the right kind of experience. They would be able to offer you more valuable advice which actually counts. The timing ad strategy which an experienced lawyer has is always in their favor. So make sure you give importance o the number of years a lawyer has been practicing family law.

Feel free to ask questions

Just because you don’t know anything about legal matters doesn’t mean you need to agree with your attorney all the time. If there is something in your mind, you can ask without hesitation. A good attorney would help put your mind at ease and give solid answers to your queries.

For more information on the best lawyers in Maryborough, make sure you contact a specialised company.

Will Dairy Farming Survive?

Statistics Based on Dairy Farming

According to statistics released by Australian Dairy Industry in 2016, there are 6,100 dairy farms with an approximate of 1.66 million cows. They approximated that every herd was having 284 cows. The report also stated that every year a cow produces an average of 5,669 litres of milk which amount to an overall milk production quantity of 9.5 billion litres in Australia. In addition, an Australian was estimated to be consuming 105 litres of milk and 13.9 Kg of cheese every year.

Dairy farming in 2016 directly employed an approximately 38,000 Australians while feeding over 24 million people every day and millions of others in the overseas. The report had shown Australia exports around 34% of the whole volume of milk production to Greater China and Japan. It realizes $3 billion as revenue from exporting various dairy products. From the above statistics, you might have various conclusions but various farmers, industries, and cooperatives need to assure their customers the survival of dairy farming.

Survival of Small Scale Dairy Farming

It is usual that when a consumer buys milk from supermarkets and milk bars, there is no capability of determining the farm where the milk came from or maybe the essentials that a farmer is required fulfil before getting the milk to the store. You can never know when the cow was even milked or the location of the farm where the milk came from. Also, a consumer may never understand some of the challenges that face small-scale dairy farmers.

Most of the small dairy farmers find it difficult to cover their operational costs and even plan ahead because of the current prices of milk. Since the last decade, there has been instability of milk pricing and this volatility makes it even harder for small dairy farmers to survive in this era. Low prices of milk may be beneficial to the consumers and most retailers but to dairy farmers, it is always a loss count for them. This has made their survival very hard in dairy farming.

For small farmers to survive and get their milk to an economical level of pricing they just have to operate with lower costs and that simply means producing higher volumes of milk or making various value-added products like cheese, yoghurts etc. They also have to adopt new strategies in their business but for those who don’t know what to do yet their survival is not guaranteed, they have just the alternative of exiting the dairy farming industry.

How to Ensure Dairy Farming Survive

As an industry or cooperative dealing with dairy farming, you have to understand that consumers are not concerned about the costs of production you are incurring; they are just concerned about low prices of milk in the market. What do you do to survive in such an environment? Well. This calls for coming up with new strategies that will reduce your costs of production and increase your milk production quantity and profit.

It is very important to focus on the freshness of your milk before taking it through processing. In addition, animal husbandry is crucial. Avoid rearing those indigenous cows. Yes, they have their advantages but they produce a very low amount of milk. Go for the modern breeds of cows and you will smile at the level of milk they will produce.

Many industries are not aware that taking good care of your animal results into higher production. Good trimming of hooves can result to happy cows. A happy cow produces more milk. Ensure good diet and quality feed and antibiotics when sick. Dairy farming is guaranteed if we adopt sustainable farming practices.